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A Corpus-Based Network of English Grammar Books between 1550 and 1900

Welcome to HeidelGram, a corpus-based network project conducted at Heidelberg University.
This website offers view and download options of the corpus, information on the network approach, web-based tools for corpus analysis, and detailed documentation of the project.

The Corpus

The corpus of English grammars will comprise full texts of English grammar books from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The corpus texts will be annotated according to TEI guidelines, supplemented by project-specific markup (e.g. the markup of evaluative statements about language in general, language use, the educational system, and other grammarians' approaches).

The Networks

On the basis of the corpus, we will implement two networks. The overall aim of this approach is to reveal the mechanisms behind grammar writing, to visualise influences, authorities, and innovative and conservative currents.
In the network of authors and grammars, authors' references to other grammarians and their grammars will be examined in terms of their quality and quantity. The network will show the most influential grammarians, clusters of authors, ways of authorising own works and exerting influence, and isolated grammarians.
For the network of terms, linguistic terms, topics and branches are annotated. The network will visualise the chronological development of linguistic terminology and structuring of grammars.

Getting Started: [General Information] [Web-Based Tools] [Download] [FAQ]

HeidelGram is being compiled at the Chair of English (Historical) Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg.

Project Supervision: Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse (Chair of English Historical Linguistics, University of Heidelberg)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kirsten Gather
Editors: Dr. Kirsten Gather, Ingo Kleiber