Catechism of English Grammar (Williams 1818)

Title Page Author: Williams, David
Title: The Catechism of English Grammar, Containing the Principles of the Language, and Rules and Directions. For Speaking and Writing it with Propriety and Accuracy. With a Variety of Exercises, Designed as Practical Illustrations of the Various Rules. To which is Subjoined, a Copious List of Solecisms, or Vulgar and Erroneous Modes of Expression.
Grammar ID: 12

grammar, catechism, etymology, syntax, language criticism, beginner, intermediate

Year of Publication: 1818
Year of Edition: 1818
Number of Edition: 1
Number of Pages: 88
Number of Words: 28,789
Language: English
Variety: British English
Type: Teaching Grammar
Form: Catechism
Target Institution: School
Target Audience/s: Beginner to Intermediate

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